A Rich and Colorful Past that still Shines Brightly Today

By lunaradmin - Nov 20, 2014

As someone who considers themselves a global citizen, I have spent considerable amount of time with people from all walks of life and Culture. Born in Sydney Australia, my family traveled to Vietnam for work. As I child I remember seeing rich culture and excitement stemming from traditions and beliefs. Dragons, Buddha’s, Puppet shows and people adorned in elaborate costumes were some of the most lasting memories, that I have cherished as time went on.

As the years passed and I have traveled and experienced new and different cultures, I have held on to these memories and sadly seen the decline in keeping with tradition. Not only in regards to the Asian community but I feel that there isn’t as much appreciation for where we come from, what we believe and staying true to our heritage.

While I am a non-Asian I have a great appreciation for my experiences and am excited that there is something that will finally bring together a community filled with such a rich history. I certainly have never forgotten the colors and excitement of my experiences and am thoroughly delighted to be a part of this new endeavor in efforts to harness and rebuild traditions and beliefs of the Asian Community.

Lunar N.Y.C.

Lunar N.Y.C.