LunarNYC plans to launch some of the world’s largest Asian Sporting Events. Providing kids and young adults between the ages of 5-25 with athletic participation increases growth in personal development along with all of these key categories:

-Developing Leadership skills
-Learning Team Work
-Increased Self-Esteem
-Healthier Lifestyles
-Stimulates Intellectual Skills
-Respect for One’s Opponents
-Being Humble in Victory
-Understands and Accepts Defeat with Humility

LunarNYC mission focuses on uniting all Asians under one Global Brand and aims at creating international sporting events that will be broadcasted throughout the world. Creating a worldwide community helps to unite countries, puts aside politics and social economic classes. LunarNYC takes pride in knowing that growing in athletics on and off the field transcends to real day to day life situations. LunarNYC plans to build and provide sponsorship in all sports as there is no one bias:

-LunarNYC Community Centers
-Amateur Team Sports
-Creation of Recreational Programs





Effective Immediately Two New Appointments in LunarNYC

Effective Immediately: John Lin becomes Managing Director o

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