UNC Using Asian Students and Staff As Props

By lunaradmin - Mar 31, 2015      

As Asian-Pacific American Heritage month approaches (May), the students and staff at the University of North Carolina are starting their campaign, exploring Asian American identity. In doing so, many students claim to feel used as a photo op for the university, utilized to portray a certain optic the school wants to portray. Jennifer Ho, the director of UNC’s graduate English program said, “There’s not just one way to identify as an Asian-American person, and I think that’s something that we need to remind the administration — that we’re not just going to be a photo op for them and to say ‘oh look at our diverse student body population,’ and then they trot out Asian-American students when they want to have a certain optic,”

Freshman Josh Jiang shared a personal story of racism he encountered, after politely correcting a girl who referred to Islam as a race and not a religion. He said, “She looked right at me and said, ‘Oh, but you look a little bit too chinky to be Muslim,’”

Jennifer Ho voiced her opinion of UNC as a whole saying, “I’m tired of UNC-Chapel Hill using Asian-American students and using me as a faculty member for purposes of diversity when it suits them, without actually attending to the actual needs of Asian-American students,”



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