The Boy Who Criticized Lee Kuan Yew

By lunaradmin - May 12, 2015      

Following the death of Lee Kuan Yew, the former prime minister of Singapore, Amos Yee was arrested back in March over a youtube video that was titled Lee Kuan Yew is Finally Dead!  Under charges of wounding religious feelings, harassment, and the publication of obscure images on the net, he is to be convicted today, May 12th.  Mr. Yew was a deeply respected figure of the country and many Singaporeans were outraged by this publication.  Although Amos Yee had acquired negative review from many, he had also received many enthusiasts, among some of them were defense lawyers and free speech advocates.          

On April 30th Yee had received a slapping by a 49 year old male that wanted to teach him a lesson.  The assailant was jailed for three weeks and was publicly condemned by the law minister.  Even though many Singaporeans were outraged by Yee’s anti-Lee comments, youth counselor Vincent Law had said Yee was “like any 16-year-old rebellious kid”, who is “challenging authority, feeling he has to fit in a mold and conform to society’s norms”.

This could be a test for Singapore’s maturity where strict hate speech laws may slowly deteriorate towards the future and freedom of expression will become more common amongst the people of Singapore.  


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