Thai Star Tony Jaa Makes Astronomical Comeback to Star in Furious 7

By lunaradmin - Mar 27, 2015      

Tony Jaa crashed into the movie scene with his leading role in the Thai language action blockbuster Ong Bak. He then took the next two years to write, direct and star in the sequel. The process took a huge toll on the action hero, and when he appeared on a TV show in 2008, his body showed exactly how much it had drained him. Many feared Jaa, who was touted as “The Next Bruce Lee”, would burn out and vanish from the big screen.

Luckily for all of his fans, and for Hollywood, Jaa is back and coming to American theatres this April in the 7th, and possibly last installment of the Fast and Furious series. Jaa will be portraying the character Kiet, an agent on Dwayne Johnson’s team, who teams up with Dom and the rest of the Furious crew.

Bruce Lee was one of a kind, but Jaa seems to be on his way to carving his own place in Hollywood history. Hopefully we will see more of the Thai actor in American cinema, giving Asian Americans more media icons to look to.



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