Tang Ziren, Beijiing Doctor, Saves Woman at Sea World San Diego

By lunaradmin - Mar 27, 2015      

Last month in the San Diego, California Sea World theme park, a woman suffered a sudden heart attack and collapsed on Mach 21st. Luckily for her, Dr. Tang Ziren, the supervisor of the ER in the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, was standing just feet away. Tang rushed to her aid and began CPR, continuing until the local fire department arrived to the scene.

Lionel Thomas Jr, supervisor of customer service of the Sea World said, “The guest was in condition of low stroke. A gentleman came over and said ‘I am doctor’. He assisted and so he gave CPR until our service assists came over and the fire department came,”

After posting the event on his Weibo account, Tang has accrued over 50,000 likes.


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