Pyongyang vs. Pyeongchang

By lunaradmin - Apr 27, 2015      

Can you tell the difference between Pyongyang and Pyeongchang? Well, a cow herder Daniel Olomae Ole Sapit can after mistakenly traveling to the capital of North Korea. Mr. Sapit who is part of Maasai tribe from Kenya, was enrolled to attend a U.N. biodiversity conference in Pyeongchang, South Korea, last September. As the plane landed in Pyongyang, he began to see a few signs that something was wrong – no high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, but only the soliders and portraits of the country’s dictator. Fortunately, Mr. Sapit was able to terminate the rare journey to North Korea and fly to Incheon Airport in South Korea by paying a $500 fine for entering without a visa and signing a few documents regarding violation of law.

A Washington based economist Nicholas Eberstadt said, “A strangely large number of clerks in customs and statistics offices around the world don’t seem to know which Korea is which.” Apparently, this confusion is common among non-Koreans. Mr. Sapit recommends everyone traveling to South Korea for the Olympics to study the names.


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