Pan In Hot Water

By lunaradmin - Mar 25, 2015      

This morning, the Dane County Board Sup. Leland Pan, gave in his keys and card to the city county building. Before giving up the keys, Pan opened the doors to the building that houses Madison Police officers, to more than 100 chanting protesters, after a police shooting.
Though the man didn’t have the keys to the department’s offices, the Madison Police Chief Mike Koval felt like Pan’s actions were “inexcusable”.
“Our resources were stretched extremely thin, yet the protesters grew in numbers and their anger increased as they neared the police department,” Koval said in his letter. “In addition to commissioned officers working in this building 24 hours a day, there are civilian employees. Quite frankly, these civilian employees were very scared for their safety.”
Several of the County Board members were unhappy, and frankly embarrassed by Pan’s decision, Sharon Corrigan the chairwomen said. “My position on this — and I’ve conveyed it to Sup. Pan and to other supervisors — is that he overstepped his authority,” Corrigan said. “Our access to the building is a privilege and not a right, and we have a responsibility to make sure that the employees in the building are safe.”
Pan remains unremorseful for the incident, as he believes that the crowd of protesters was peaceful, and that the the only reason the Police Chief was frightened, was because of the crowd’s race. In fact, the crowd which was seen as menacing and threatened the lives of civilians and police officers alike, dispersed without incident.


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