Myanmar Migrant Boat Denied Entry to Thailand

By lunaradmin - May 14, 2015      

Myanmar migrants on a boat in the Andaman Sea have been stranded for a week whilst being denied entry to Thailand.  Thousands are said to be stuck on boats off the coasts of Thailand and Malaysia full of Rohingya Muslims who are not recognized as citizens of the country and often persecuted.  The Myanmar migrants were abandoned by their crew but not before they disabled the engine.  The boat had been towed into Malaysian waters before being towed back to Thai waters.  They are being bounced back and forth with no end in sight. 

Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia are all turning boats away.  The migrant’s only option is to take a journey from Bangladesh or Myanmar through the Bay of Bengal to Thailand or farther which would take them several weeks.  The people on boats are starved and are drinking their own urine.  Some days get as hot as 34C. 

Will Rohingya Muslims on the stranded boats find refuge in time before they starve? 


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