Manhattan Man Arrested and Charged for Hate Crimes

By lunaradmin - Apr 21, 2015      

This morning a Manhattan man has been indicted for targeting and taking the purses of Asian women in Bensonhurst and Borough Park. The suspect Manuel Israel, has been charged with 36 counts of robbery and other hate crime charges after he is alleged of robbing five Chinese women because of their race.

“This defendant allegedly targeted Asian women walking alone because he believed he could overpower them. Such cowardly attacks — whether based on a person’s race, gender, sexuality or ethnicity, destroy the fabric of who we are as a community and won’t be tolerated,” said District Attorney Thompson.

After failing to rob a sixth bystanders called 911 and police immediately responded to the scene and arrested the man.

The investigation revealed that Israel selected women of Chinese descent because he perceived them to be vulnerable to attack, the DA said.Manhattan


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