Joe McPherson, Shows His Seoul

By lunaradmin - Apr 09, 2015      

Joe McPherson, an American blogger and food writer, introduced his new book “Seoul Restaurant Expat Guide,” which introduces about 400 restaurants in Korea. Mr. McPherson is known for his website that started in 2004. He started documenting Korean cuisine and the website now became a public relations firm called ZenKimchi International. Mr. McPherson consulted for “Bizarre Foods,” “Kimchi Chronicles,” “BBQ Tour,” “Dark Side of Seoul,” along with his inspiration Anthony Bourdain’s “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” episode on Korea. Korea Real Time had an interview with Mr. McPherson about his journey and passion for Korean food. He explained that the Korean food scene has been evolving very fast and become diverse. 10 years ago, McDonald’s was the only option for non-Korean food because of its culinary monoculture. “Then diversity happened in trends. There was the Hamburger Renaissance, Pizza Renaissance, followed by Indian and Mexican food,” said Mr. McPherson. He says that the Cuban cuisine become popular after the movie “Chef.” At the same time, there is a growing demand of artisanal and organic food. He added, “People are starting to rediscover and respect the rural peasant roots of Korean cuisine.”


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