Ideal Beauty of the Kim Jung-un Era

By lunaradmin - Mar 30, 2015      

South Koreans are known to have an excessive interest in plastic surgery, with a massively increasing number of people going under knife. Turns out, it is also popular among young girls in the Hermit Kingdom to go through the procedures. Because plastic surgery is illegal in North Korea, operations are done in a “back street” fashion. The most common procedure is blepharoplasty, which is folding eyelids, with a very low price of US$2. It is a very simple operation that requires minimum surgical skill, so many of the service are performed by unlicensed doctors.

East Asians are obsessed with big and round eyes with double eyelids. Unfortunately, according to a survey, only one out of five Koreans is born with double eyelids. This obsession comes from the idea of Western beauty. “To the girls who were not born with double-eyelids, double-eyelid surgery is a little magic granting their wishes to be prettier,” said North Korean defector Mina Yoon. The idea of ideal Chosun women is replaced with youthful images with Western counterparts. The increasing number of people who have undergone plastic surgery is somewhat concerning because it has started to destroy the original Korean beauty while it increases uniformity.


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