Horrific Accident

By lunaradmin - May 01, 2015      

In sad news two people were killed and three more were injured after a horrific accident occurred in an Amusement park in Pingyang County. The victims were five tourist who were thrown off the ride called “Crazy Scream”.
Two of the tourists, one surnamed Chen and the other Zhou, were pronounced dead at the ICU of the Pingyang No. 1 People’s hospital, while two of the wounded, identified as Li and Chen, required medical treatment. According to local media, three people were seen falling from the ride as it was mid-air, while the other two were suspected to have been hit by falling objects.
Witnesses claim that the machine had been switched on before all the tourists on board had buckled their seat belts, leading to “multiple” tourists falling off the ride from three meters above the ground.
The park has been cordoned off and the owner is under police custody. Further investigation is underway.


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