Hard Times for Foreigners

By lunaradmin - Apr 09, 2015      

China has been an attractive place for foreigners to seek for jobs, as the economy is growing at a fast pace. Unfortunately, it has become more cumbersome for foreigners to work in China due to variety of reasons – new visa policies, more skillful local workers and discouraging atmosphere. In September 2014, new policies were applied, followed by requirements for short term work that was released by China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and passed by Ministries of Public Security and Foreign Affairs and Culture in January 2015. The immigration process usually takes months to be completed. “I came in 2005 on a tourist visa, and my Chinese is rubbish. It’s not as easy as it used to be,” said Peter Hodson who is both service manager and a teacher. Despite the hassle, many applicants are still in search. A one-day fair for foreigners was held at a hotel in Beijing this week. Recruiting companies were language schools, universities, airlines, national broadcaster, etc. Applicants were from the U.S., Spain, Ukraine, and Europe.


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