Google and Facebook Helping to Connect Loved Ones and Victims of Nepal Earthquake

By lunaradmin - Apr 28, 2015      

During the aftermath of a large-scale natural disaster, victims and their friends and loved ones usually struggle to reconnect with each other. But now with new innovations to technology and social media, methods of communication have evolved. Following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that recently shook Nepal, Google and Facebook took the initiative and launched applications designed for communication and networking during and after disasters.

Facebook launched their “Safety Check” application that could be seen on users’ news feed that helped identified friends and family member who might be in the disaster area. Once Safety Check was launched, the tool prompted users that were in the affected area to update their status in order to inform their friends and families whether they were safe or not.

Google launched “Person Finder”, an application that was essentially a database comprising of names of people in the disaster area. The application allowed users to register missing people or allowed users to register themselves as alive and safe. As of Monday, Person Finder was tracking approximately 6,300 registrants.


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