Gay Couple in South Korea Sue Officials for Same-sex Marriage Recognition

By lunaradmin - Jul 09, 2015      

While same-sex marriage in the United States became legal last month by Supreme Court ruling, homosexuals in South Korea seem to be facing difficulties. A couple – Kim Jho Gwang Soo and Kim Seung-Hwan – held a public wedding in September 2013 in Seoul and submitted the marriage registration that has been officially rejected. Encouraged by the Supreme Court ruling, the couple is suing officials for rejecting their same-sex marriage recognition. They attended court hearing on Monday, and this is the first attempt in South Korea to gain legal status for same-sex marriage. “If you are a Korean citizen, you are equal under Korean law. I hope through this trial we can uncover this constitutional principle,” said Kim.

In South Korea, Homosexuality is legal among civilians but it is not condoned by military. There is no specific law recorded regarding homosexuality in either South Korean Constitution or in the Civil Penal Code.


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