Freed After 18 Years in a Workshop

By lunaradmin - Apr 24, 2015      

This morning the Guangdong Province officials announced that a man from Jiangxi has rescued from a cotton workshop in Qingyuan where he was forced to work for the past 18 years.  Officials received a tipoff from residents about a suspected illegal workshop operating in an apartment and after some investigation they saw things that weren’t right. Upon arriving, authorities stumbled upon the typical stash of counterfeit products that would later need to be confiscated. They also found Xie Shisheng, who had been locked up by himself inside a red brick room.

Xie was shook and had no idea how long he was locked up for…

“I only ate a small bowl of food every day. I was woken up to work after only one or two hours of sleep. They would scold and beat me if I didn’t obey them.”

Xie was sent to the local police station for an injury assessment and further investigation is underway.


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