Feticide Laws Targeting Asian American Women

By lunaradmin - Apr 08, 2015      

Purvi Patel, a 33-year-old woman living in South Bend, Indiana, was sentenced to 30 years in prison on April 3rd, this week. The charges were Feticide and neglecting a dependent, which sentences she would serve concurrently, if her appeal falls through. The problem with the Indiana feticide law, and other states’ versions, is that they were originally intended to punish people who abused pregnant women, resulting in the death of a fetus, but they are now being used as a way to restrict abortions.

In this case, Patel is being punished for having a miscarriage and seeking medical attention afterwards. There are currently 7 states that are passing abortion laws, based on false assumptions, claiming Asian Americans undergo abortions based on the sex of unborn babies. Essentially, these states and the House are saying that Asian American women cannot be trusted with their own reproductive decisions. Supporters of these laws, accuse Asian American women of preferring male offspring, and aborting female fetuses once the sex is known. These claims are completely unfounded, in fact, Caucasian Americans have a 1.06 gender ratio for first born children (males being slightly higher), while Asian Americans have a ratio of of 1.0 (an equal amount of female and male first born children). So Asians actually have more female babies than Caucasian Americans.

Legislators are trying to pass laws based on falsehoods about Asian culture, and banking on the stereotypical silence of the Asian community, to succeed.


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