Effective Immediately Two New Appointments in LunarNYC

By lunaradmin - May 15, 2017      

Effective Immediately:

John Lin becomes Managing Director of Chinese Community

John Lin currently is a Licensed Customs House Broker. Mr. Lin started his experience in export/import early on with Nike Inc., American Asia Express, Dachser USA and Amana Express International Inc. He held various positions in his career while slowly growing his vast knowledge of logistics on a global and international level.

Mr. Lin currently runs his own plastic commodities company along with other China based commodity products. He has a passion for brokering deals and defines, “East Meets West” business model. Besides having a passion for real estate, Mr. Lin currently invest his own capital into start-ups that he plans to bring back to the East. He also manages his own family office fund from China and has extensive connections to Eastern Markets.

Mr. Lin graduated in a 2008 from Queens College in New York City, with a B.A. degree in Accounting Information Systems and Economics. Mr. Lin is responsible for all of Financial Ventures Group’s Cross Border deals in the Retail, Commodities in Export/Import.

Effective Immediately:

Ryan Su becomes Managing Director of Military & Veterans Affairs

Ryan Su has built his career in law enforcement and the military. His unique story from focusing on defending others have brought him into his own career in leadership. Mr. Su started his career off as a Patrol Officer in New York, he then worked at the U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Denver, Colorado, and finished his deployment to Fort Carson as a 11B Infantryman for the U.S Army, where he developed and led training programs in preparation for combat.

Mr. Su currently runs his own licensed energy drinks company that has a worldwide presence. His focus is to bring his products to veteran associations by employing them and giving veterans another paths for success. He also focuses his tie on building a, “East Meets West” business model and has extensive connections in Asia.

Mr. Su attended DeVry University in New York City, with a focus on Business Management and Business Psychology. Mr. Su is responsible for all of Financial Ventures Group’s Cross Border deals in the Retail, Commodities in Export/Import.

Jiang Yu, Founder of LunarNYC states, “With John Lin at the helm and in garnering interest from the Chinese Community, he will be a major asset in growing our non-profit. Ryan Su will lead the charge in bringing military veterans to help educate our younger generation of kids.


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