Dog Meat Festival Held in Yulin

By lunaradmin - Jun 26, 2015      

Despite the effort made by activists and animal lovers from all over the world, the annual Summer Solstice Lychee and Dog Meat Festival in Yulin was still held with more than 10,000 dogs slaughtered. “I understand the point of view. Many people feel a special bond with dogs. But we grew up around dog meat. For us, it’s normal,” said Tang Chengfei sitting at a table.

In an interview with Peter J. Li, an adviser with Humane Society International, he discussed the dog eating in China and the controversy. The issue goes beyond animal rights – public health and zoonotic diseases are other serious problems. Most dogs are transported to the slaughterhouses without quarantine inspection certificates. Dogs usually get sick or even die during the process of shipment. It is not surprising that Yulin has the highest number of human rabies cases, as the dog meat traders are not vaccinated for rabies. This also has been encouraging theft of household pet dogs.

Yulin’s infamous annual festival started in 2009-2010 by the local dog meat traders. The local officials are less supportive now that the festival is hurting the city’s reputation.


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