Climate Change Affects China Projects

By lunaradmin - May 04, 2015      

The head of China’s Meteorological Administration held an interview with the Study Times and it released information that showed a relationship between climate change and recent weather disasters such as floods, typhoons, droughts and heatwaves.
“Against the backdrop of the global warming, the risks faced by our large engineering projects have increased,” Zheng told the newspaper’s latest edition, published on Monday. Global warming affects the safety and stability of these big projects, as well as their operations and economic effectiveness, technological standards and engineering methods,” he added in the paper, printed by the Central Party School, which trains rising officials.
In a joint announcement with the United States last year, Beijing said it would intent to top its fast-rising emissions “around” 2030, and the United States said it would pursue cutting emissions by 26 to 28% below 2005 levels by 2025.


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