Chipscreen China’s New Cancer Drug

By lunaradmin - Apr 07, 2015      

After working at Galderma R & D, a subsidiary of L’Oreal and Nestle, Xian Ping Lu moved to China and co-founded Shenzen Chipscreen Biosciences Ltd. in 2001. In January, Shenzen Chipscreen announced the approval of Chidamide (Epidaza), a medication for a rare lymph-node cancer called refractory peripheral T-cell lymphoma, by the Chinese Food and Drug Administration. Researched and made in China, the medicine was released in February.

While it is costly and extremely hard to develop a drug, especially given the burdensome drug approval regulatory system in China, their pharmaceutical industry is seeing growing positivity. With the government’s support, resources, and relatively cheap research cost compared to the U.S., many leading scientists are encouraged to leave multinational drug companies for the innovation of new drugs abroad. Director at Monitor Deloitte China Angus Cole said, “They are a good example of the potential innovation in China.”

Shenzen Chipscreen Biosciences’ mission is to develop more than generic drugs for various areas. Chidamide is currently available for 26,500 yuan ($4,275) per month, which is more than average Chinese cancer drugs but cheaper than those in the U.S.


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