Chinese strategy document claims focus on expanding military presence

By lunaradmin - May 27, 2015      

The strategy document highlights four points, the ocean, outer space, nuclear force, and cyber space.  Chinese has been focused on building up its navy, following the launch of an aircraft carrier and funds invested heavily on warships.  China has also exercised claims over islands in the South China Sea which bumps heads with the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Brunei. 

China has been preparing upon the release of the strategy document.  One example, 2,000 acres of dry land created last year that could be used as airstrips in the Spratly islands. China has criticized Washington after a US spy plane flew over Spratly Islands last week.  The strategy document also states China’s air force will shift from not only defense but offence as well. 

Will this be the start of an international altercation between the US and China? 


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