Chinese Baby Rescued After Being Buried Alive

By lunaradmin - May 14, 2015      

Police had found a baby boy buried alive in an unmarked grave in the Guangxi province.  The boy had been reportedly abandoned in the wilderness for as long as 10 days.  His family decided to abandon him due to the fact that he was born with a congenital anomaly.  According to the Xinhua news agency, thousands of infants with birth defects are abandoned each year. 

The Tiandong County People’s Hospital reported that the parents didn’t ask for a birth certificate or question about medical insurance.  After paying the bill they had immediately left.  On the same day, the family had hired a man for $290 to dispose of the infant.  A few days later a woman picking herbs heard the baby cry.  The baby was in dire condition and rushed to the hospital.  The family and the hired man were arrested.  The parents are released and now attempting to gain custody of the child. 

Should the infant’s family be allowed another chance?


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