China’s Climate Change

By lunaradmin - Mar 26, 2015      

During the rapid pace of global climate variations, China faces challenges with climate change, which could have a “huge impact” on the country’s environment and its major infrastructure projects, including Three Gorges Dam. The world’s biggest carbon dioxide emitter, China is reported to have gas emissions that are twice America’s total in 2015.

Chief of China’s Meteorological Administration Zheng Guoguang said, “as the world warms, risk of climate change and climate disasters to China could become more grave.” Under the temperature increase, China will go through unstable river flows and reduced crop yield. According to US Energy Information Administration, China’s coal use was raised by 9 percent each year from 2000 to 2010. Scientists are concerned that China’s plans in reducing carbon dioxide emissions might not be enough to make a significant improvement. As the Chinese proverb says, “To know and not to act, is not to know,” China needs to start its endeavors to relevant level for effective action.


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