China to Introduce Second-child Policy

By lunaradmin - Jul 23, 2015      

After three decades of restricting Chinese families to one child for population control, the government may soon introduce a two-child policy.

The one-child policy was first introduced in 1978 by China’s Communist Party to alleviate high population growth and other negative consequences. The policy has been highly controversial and abusive, enforcing abortions and sterilizations. “The core issue is not about one child or two children. It’s about reproductive freedom. It’s about basic human rights. In the past, the government failed to grasp the essence of the issue,” said a demographer Liang Zhongtang. He also said that the government should have abolished the policy long time ago.

However, Liang said the new policy would not have an immediate impact because of the demographic trends. “At the moment, many people are not willing to have more children, even if they are encouraged to do so. So in reality the government introducing the two-child policy still won’t have much of an impact,” he said. Its also too late for parents who have lost their only child.


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