Chasing a Lover to China

By lunaradmin - Apr 23, 2015      

It is an understatement for anyone to say that the Internet doesn’t have some sort of control over the world; we are now accustomed to getting everything from the web. For one man, the Internet gave him a reason to travel from Vancouver to Shenzhen, China in efforts to find his online lover.  

The man who identifies himself as Jake told reporters that he has met the love of his life through an online dating website almost a year ago. The woman who uses the name RiLi as her online profile has been conversing back and forth with Jake for the past 11 months. The two have been sending hundreds of messages to each other using translators to communicate. Jake states that the only clue he has is that RiLi is a garment worker in a factory in Shenzhen, 45 years of age and divorced.

For the past two weeks, he has been walking around the city of Shenzhen with a poster around his neck, hoping friends of RiLi, or RiLi herself, will take notice and direct him in the right direction.

Jake stated that “Shenzhen people are very friendly, they took my picture and added me on their micro blog site,” and added that he is very grateful for the support he’s gotten. Some say that Jake is chasing a person that isn’t real, but in his eyes she is as real as it gets. Jake claims, “No, I believe her. We had an 11-month exchange. I could feel from the letters that she loves me.”

Let’s hope it all goes well for him…


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