Bully For Hire?

By lunaradmin - Apr 24, 2015      

It’s funny now in days, there is basically an app for everything. One popular Chinese mobile app is in a middle of a situation after reports have shown solicit services to beating people for a price. Users were able to post ads seeking a person who can fight for them if needed.

A Kunming reporter who placed a fake listing on the app to investigate was sent the phone number of a thug in Shanghai. The man claimed to be able to put anyone in hospital, and would adjust the price according to the degree of harm which was to be inflicted. He charged between US$30-80 and required a photo of the victim and a time and place he could encounter them. The man’s services were to be booked two days in advance and payment could be made online after the job was done.

The company which developed the app insists it was never intended to be used for organized illegal activities and they have instructed staff to manually delete any ads for contract beatings.


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