Boston’s Chinatown Clinging on to Life

By lunaradmin - Apr 14, 2015      

One of America’s largest Chinatown’s is at risk of dying out and losing its identity amid real estate development. Boston, MA’s Chinatown, with its iconic gate is facing an unprecedented population spike in the cultural enclave. From the years 2000-2010, the population of white Americans grew faster than that of Asian Americans in the neighborhood. Today, Chinese are, for the first time since its establishment, the minority in Chinatown. Only making up 46% of the 12,800 residents, Asians are now scared to leave their run-down apartments, even to let their landlords perform needed renovations. They fear they won’t be let back in and are losing their homes.

The company Chinatown Land Trust is buying up the old red brick rowhouses, saving them for working families, in an effort to preserve Chinatown and its importance to Asian immigrant workers. This move is necessary with the luxury high rises sprouting up around the Chinatown area, making rent prices jump up for all.

Andrew Leong, an associate professor at UMass Boston said, “We’re slowly being gentrified out of existence,”


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