Ban From Auto Show

By lunaradmin - Apr 28, 2015      

This year, the Shanghai Auto Show has changed one thing that has left hundreds of beautiful women without a job. The models as of late have been one of the main highlights of the car show. While this created a wealth of opportunity for qualified professional sales representatives and shopping guides, some models were unable to meet the right qualifications needed to be a car cleaner or stand-attendant at the show and were left without a job.

To protest the ban, the unemployed models dressed up as homeless people and pretended to beg on the curbside outside of Metro City at the Xujiahui Station. They carried signs declaring “We want to survive!” and lamenting that their starving themselves had all been for nothing.

After seeing pictures of the protest in newspapers and online, many netizens wrote in to support the models, admitting that they were rather attractive. While others believed that since it is a car show, the focus should be on the cars instead of on a topless woman making out with a snake.

Will the models be back to grinding on cars next year? Only time will tell.


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