Asia’s Talent Gap

By lunaradmin - Apr 23, 2015      

According to Manpower Group Inc.’s ninth annual talent shortage survey, increasing numbers of employers throughout the world are experiencing difficulty filling jobs. It was reported as 36%, the highest in seven years.

To further examine the issue, the human resource-consulting firm interviewed more than 37,000 employers in 42 countries. The survey found that Japan has the highest level of talent shortage followed by Peru, India, Brazil, Turkey, and Argentina. Top 10 talent shortage categories include – skilled trade workers, engineers, technicians, sales representatives, accounting and finance staff, management/executives, sales managers, IT staff, office support staff, and drivers.  Global employers said that the reasons are mostly lack of technical competencies, number of applicants, and other expectations and skills.

To overcome the shortages, employers are working on finding new sources to find skilled employees, or educating those who have the potential. “Organizations need to adopt a multi-channel strategy, depending on the kind of skills they need. They could engage with educational institutes to help prepare the graduates to be work ready,” said the director of Manpower Group, Sam Haggag


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