Asians Dominating Thomas Jefferson High Admissions

By lunaradmin - Apr 02, 2015      

The Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, has long been considered an elite source of public education for residents of Northern Virginia. This year, a total of 2,841 students applied for acceptance to the prestigious facility, and 493 met the high standards set by the admissions officials. The incoming class of 2019 is comprised of eight Black students, 12 Hispanics, 102 Whites and a whopping 346 Asians. Asians make up 70% of this year’s incoming class, the most in the school’s history.

Just a short ten years ago, White students made up the majority of the student body at 53% of admittees, while Asians represented 32%. The total population of the school is now 60% Asian and 29% White. Though the admissions process is constantly under criticism for the lack of diversity in the student body, School Board member Bob Frye said, “I have no interest in lowering the standards at TJ,” and that, “I believe even now with the proper amount of preparation and interest the numbers [of black students] could surely be higher than they are now.”


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