Asian American Voting Power on the Rise Along with Representation

By lunaradmin - Apr 10, 2015      

Ted Lieu, a newly elected Democratic Representative hailing from Torrance, California, is just one sign if Asian America’s uptick in voting power and political representation. Concurrently elected into seats of the government were, John Chiang as state treasurer, Betty Yee to the Board of Equalization, and Fiona Ma to the tax board.

It should be no surprise that Asians are gaining ground in the political front as US ethnic community, since Asians were the fastest growing ethnic group in the last US census report. Asians are also pretty diverse in their voting habits. 40% are non-partisan, 35% Democrat, and 17% Republican. This can be attributed to the diverse nature of what is considered “Asian”.

Though Asians have been inching forward, we hope to be represented even stronger in the near future, and shatter the stereotype of a silent Asian culture.


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