43 Dinosaur Egg Fossils in Heyuan City

By lunaradmin - Apr 20, 2015      

This morning construction workers in Heyuan city, Guangdong discovered 43 dinosaur egg fossils. The fossils were revealed in the ground outside a hotel, the main roads were cleared off once they notices that there were dinosaur eggs.

The 43 eggs were jammed into 14 fossils, and 19 of the egg fossils were still together. One egg was as large as 13 cm which is the size of an average melon. This isn’t the first time Heyuan city has been on the limelight, after it found 10,008 dinosaur eggs in Heyuan back in 205.


It was subsequently named China’s “home of dinosaurs”. Within the city, dinosaur eggs, bones and footprints have been previously discovered, with more to be found.


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