Stephon Marbury Makes His Stamp Debut

By lunaradmin - Apr 22, 2015      

Stephon Marbury who was once an NBA star and MVP candidate for many years has now called the CBA his home. He is beloved  in China, he is immortalized in his city and even has a giant bronze statue named after him. He thought things couldn’t get better for him but he was proven wrong yesterday when he heard that he was going to appear on a stamp.  With many of his Beijing Ducks fans he debuted his stamp at the National Museum of China.

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that people will be able to buy a stamp of me to mail packages anywhere in the world,” 38-year-old Marbury was quoted as saying to a news reporter. “I am truly humbled. Never did I imagine in all of my 38 years of living that I—a kid who grew up 7,000 miles away from Beijing and a kid who came from the projects of Coney Island—would have a stamp of myself. I can never have dreamed it.”

Marbury feels so loved in China that he is applying for permanent residence in China this year…


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