1,071 Suspects Apprehended in Guangdong

By lunaradmin - Apr 02, 2015      

This morning, the Guangdong police apprehended 1,071 suspects, and froze bank accounts containing 330 million yuan in illegal money. The bust is considered one of the biggest scandal in Chinese history relating to online-lottery.

The suspects were gathered between June and December last year and over 550 of them were already in jail facilities.  As of late, all of the suspects are now detained in prison. The suspects were all operating under the same group that set up nearly 200 gambling sites including Thai servers and even rented vehicles for 100,000 yuan per month.  There have been more than 400,000 members at any given day betting on the national welfare lottery. According to one source, members of the gambling sites lost around nine billion yuan in December alone.

Also to be noted, most of the money transacted through the gambling sites were not able to be frozen due to too many transactions being done with cash.


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