Growing up in America

Collectivism and individualism. I was born into an immigrant Chinese family, and raised by traditionalist grandparents. From a young age, I had already adopted their ways of thinking, which I will simply summarize as “collectivist” thinking (the well-being of the group is more important than that of the individual). Such an idea also implied very […]

My Experience as a 1st Generation Asian-American

As a 1st generation Asian American I can say I was quite fortunate. Born and raised in Brooklyn, I had a very normal childhood. My family was caring, loving, and I was surrounded by good friends. In junior high school I began to see my fellow classmates in cliques; although I thought everyone was the […]

A Rich and Colorful Past that still Shines Brightly Today

As someone who considers themselves a global citizen, I have spent considerable amount of time with people from all walks of life and Culture. Born in Sydney Australia, my family traveled to Vietnam for work. As I child I remember seeing rich culture and excitement stemming from traditions and beliefs. Dragons, Buddha’s, Puppet shows and […]