LunarNYC Founder Shares Personal Reasons for “Paying It Foward” with Chinese Mass Media Press Conference

With a week away from the 37th Annual North American Chinese Basketball Association Invitational Tournament, LunarNYC Founder, Jiang Yu shares his personal reasons for “Paying It Forward”, along with Ryan Su, Director of Military and Veteran Affairs, Bill Chan, Director of LuncNYC Warrio

Effective Immediately Two New Appointments in LunarNYC

Effective Immediately: John Lin becomes Managing Director of Chinese Community John Lin currently is a Licensed Customs House Broker. Mr. Lin started his experience in export/import early on with Nike Inc., American Asia Express, Dachser USA and Amana Express International Inc. He held various posi

LunarNYC Warriors Basketball Program Update

Basketball has been responsible for helping the development of youths throughout the world. Our basketball coaches have attended basketball clinics to enhance both their coaching skills and basketball knowledge. LunarNYC Basketball will be a fun, nurturing place for children to learn skills and part

China to Introduce Second-child Policy

After three decades of restricting Chinese families to one child for population control, the government may soon introduce a two-child policy. The one-child policy was first introduced in 1978 by China’s Communist Party to alleviate high population growth and other negative consequences. The polic

South Korea’s Next Kim Yuna

Park So- Youn is following the footsteps of South Korea’s legendary former figure skater Yuna Kim who retired last year after Sochi Olympics. Park started ballet dancing at the age of 13 and has been on the national team since. After participating at competitions over the years, Park finally becam

Gay Couple in South Korea Sue Officials for Same-sex Marriage Recognition

While same-sex marriage in the United States became legal last month by Supreme Court ruling, homosexuals in South Korea seem to be facing difficulties. A couple – Kim Jho Gwang Soo and Kim Seung-Hwan – held a public wedding in September 2013 in Seoul and submitted the marriage registrat

Japan Train Fire

One man has died after setting himself on fire on a Japanese bullet train. One woman died as well, 20 more were injured.Witnesses claimed the man had poured fuel over himself and used a lighter to ignite himself. The train quickly made an emergency stop. The train stopped bear Odawara city. The moti

Indonesia Plane Crash

A military transport plane crashed in Medan, an Indonesian city. The Hercules C-130 hit two houses and a hotel before exploding, which created a huge fireball. There were 113 people on board, all are presumed dead. At the moment more than half of the bodies have been recovered. The only part of the

Taliban ambush kills 11 soldiers in Western Herat province

Taliban militants in Afghanistan had reportedly killed 11 Afghan soldiers in an ambush in Karukh district of Herat Sunday evening. Weapons were stolen from the scene of the attack and six soldiers were injured. The Taliban have been more aggressive recently on the security forces since late April. O

Explosion at Taiwan Waterpark

A huge firestorm erupted as flammable powder blew up over a stage at Formosa Fun Coast. The colored powder is sold at these types of events where friends purchase it and throw it over friends. Almost 500 people were injured, most of them are Taiwanese and 13 foreigners. 43 hospitals are treating cas

Dog Meat Festival Held in Yulin

Despite the effort made by activists and animal lovers from all over the world, the annual Summer Solstice Lychee and Dog Meat Festival in Yulin was still held with more than 10,000 dogs slaughtered. “I understand the point of view. Many people feel a special bond with dogs. But we grew up around

India Floods – Monsoon rains in Gujarat

Constant monsoon rains have caused widespread damage to public and private properties in Gujarat. Thousands of people are struggling on higher ground to avoid the floods. Over 600 villages have been affected in the coastal district of Amreli. Farmers have lost crops due to the heavy rains. Lions in

Ancient Art of Chinese Silk

Silk has often been sought out by royalty and citizens alike. China is the largest producer by far, making over 800,000 tons of opulent thread each year. The raw material for silk thread is made by larvae that feed off the leaves of mulberry trees. The silkworms are mostly farmed. As the silkworms f

Pakistan Heat Wave Kills Hundreds

A three day long heat wave affecting the city Karachi in Pakistan has killed over 300 people. The ministry reported that there are over 2,000 people in Jinnah hospital being treated for heat stroke. The Sindh provincial government has declared a state of emergency. Since it is Ramadan, Muslims are f

Pakistan heat wave claims 140 lives in Karachi

Over 140 people were killed in Karachi over the weekend due to a record breaking heat wave. Saturday reached 44.9 degrees Celsius (112.64*F), the highest recorded temperature in Pakistan in the last 15 years. Hospitals in Pakistan are overcrowded due to the number of patients suffering from heat str

Toxic Moonshine kills 99 in Mumbai

Toxic moonshine has killed 99 people and sickened many other drinkers from a Mumbai slum, reported Indian police. 46 others have been hospitalized, reported by Mumbai police spokesman Dhananjay Kulkarni. Eight local policemen have been suspended for negligence over the deaths. This took place near L

First Mers case in Thailand Confirmed

A 75 year old male from Oman was seeking treatment for a heart issue in Bangcock. Almost 60 people came in contact with the patient have been identified including three relatives that had traveled with him on plane. He is now under quarantine at an infectious disease facility outside of Bangkok. Tha

Electric Taxi Making the Streets of Singapore Greener

An electric taxi has been implemented in the streets of Singapore to make the city even more eco-friendly. The taxi named EVA can recharge its battery in 15 minutes and cover up to 200 kilometers at full charge. This gives taxi drivers a quick recharge time for the next part of their shift during a

Nestle India plans to destroy Maggi noodles

Nestle will destroy 400 million packets of its very popular Maggi noodles due to a ban imposed by India’s food safety regulator. Nestle states it will take minimum 40 days to dispose of all the noodles. India’s food safety regulator states that it has dangerous levels of lead. Some states are te

Narendra Modi App

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has released a new app that will keep people updated on news related to his office, messages and talks on his radio show “Mann ki Baat”. This application will fundamentally keep updates on almost everything related to the prime minister. Mr. Modi is one of the

Island Building in South China Nearly Complete

China’s foreign ministry states it will soon be complete with land improvement on some islands in disputed waters in the South China Sea. The ministry also stated that it plans to build facilities on the islands which would perform numerous tasks, one of which is military defense. There also has b

Indian Architect Charles Correa Passes Away

Charles Correa was a champion of modern architecture, where he planned cities and designed nearly 100 building in the country, from luxury condominiums to housing for the poor. Mr. Correa passed last night (6/16/2015) at 84 years of age. Mr. Correa was also responsible for designing a few landmark b

Nepal reopens seven historic sites after earthquake

Two months after an earthquake ravaged Kathmandu and rural villages, Nepal’s authorities have reopened all seven of its world heritage sites. The seven world heritage sites were reopened once debris and rubble were removed. Artifacts of archaeological importance were also secured. Hundreds of monu

South Korea starts plasma treatment trial for Mers

Antibodies from the blood of survivors of Mers will be used as treatment. The treatment has been used to treat patients with Ebola from others that have fought off the same infection. Over 150 people in South Korea have been infected with Mers and 19 were killed by the disease. Germany reported toda

Pakistan orders charity “Save the Children” to leave the country

Pakistan officials accuse the charity of “anti-Pakistan” activities. The charity has previous been linked to the fake vaccination program used by the CIA to track Osama Bin Laden by Pakistan. Save the Children have denied being involved with the CIA or Shakil Afridi, the doctor or carried out th

Four foreigners fined for naked photos on top of Malaysia’s Mount Kinabalu

Four foreign hikers posed naked on Mount Kinabalu were freed today after being fined and jailed for three days. The tourists were arrested after stripping naked on May 30th. They were caught posing naked for photos on the mountain top. The four arrested had pleaded guilty to the act. Among the forei

Indian Army attacks rebels in Myanmar

Rebel camps were assaulted in Myanmar, days after the ambush on a troop convoy in north-east India. Many believe this was retaliation for the 20 soldiers lost in the ambush. Soldiers and helicopters were sent to track down the rebels. Indian soldiers cooperated with Myanmar authorities to cross into

MERS Outbreak in South Korea

South Korea has been struck by the largest outbreak of MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). The virus was first discovered in Saudi Arabia. On Tuesday South Korea reported over 108 cases of MERS and 9 dead from the virus. Over 2800 people are quarantined at home or in health facilities. Over 2,0

Shafqat Hussain givern death row reprieve

A Pakistani man convicted of manslaughter has been postponed hours before his hanging date.  This is the fourth time Shafqat Hussain has been issued a reprieve where he was found guilty of kidnapping and killing a child in 2004.  His legal counsel argued that he was 14 years old when he was charge

434 bodies recovered from the Eastern Star

434 bodies were recovered from the Eastern Star.  8 individuals from the ship are not accounted for.  Victims of the crash may never be identified, many bodies were badly damaged.  Some family members will never get to say goodbye to the deceased.  The captain and chief engineer stated that the

Manipur rebels ambush a troop convoy

The convoy headed to Imphal, was attacked by Manipur rebels in north-east India.  At least 20 soldiers were killed and 15 injured in the attack.  Many speculate that the cause of the attack was the death of a woman that was killed by soldiers.  The day before the ambush shops and businesses in th

Operation to lift Eastern Star begins

The Eastern Star sank in the Yangtze River on Tuesday.  Salvagers have started on the upturned ship where more than 400 people are estimated dead.  There are 14 elderly passengers out of 456 that are known to have survived.  Rescue workers have switched efforts from searching for survivors to sea

Blogger flees to US after death threats

Writer and human rights activist Taslima Nasreen has fled from India to the US after repeated death threats by Islamists who killed three secular bloggers this year in Bangladesh.  Dr. Nasreen attempted to meet with the Governemnt of India but had no appointment.  She had received death threats be

Chinese tennis star gives birth to a baby girl

Tennis star Li Na gave birth to Alisa, her first child at 2.25 a.m. today.  Li retired from competitive tennis last year due to a knee injury.  She was Asia’s only grand slam champion, winning the French (2011) and Australian Open (2014), peaking at No.2 in the world. Li Na ended her career rank

Chinese ship sinks with over 400 people on board

A ship sunk after being caught in a storm on the Yangtze River in southern China with over 400 passengers on board.  The ship was travelling from Nanjing to Chongqing in the south-west when it sank.  The captain and chief engineer that were rescued stated that the ship was caught in a cyclone.  S

Elderly woman’s body found stuffed in suitcase at Tokyo train Station

Authorities in Japan are attempting to identify an elderly woman that was found in a suitcase at a Tokyo train station.  An employee at the JR Tokyo station found the lady in the suit case in the Chiyoda ward.  The employee stated there was an abnormal odor coming from the lockers.  The suitcase

China tracking 193 people for Mers virus

The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is a viral illness caused by a corona virus, the same family of viruses that causes the common cold.  China is attempting to track down at least 193 people who came in contact with a man with Mers.  The Chinese media reported that a 68 year old male had flown [

Inhabitants retreat as volcano erupts on Japanese island

Inhabitants of the island of Kuchinoerabo in Japan are urged to flee from the path of an erupting volcano nearby.  Japan’s meteorological agency raised the alert level from three to the highest level of five.  All 140 island residents were requested to evacuate.  Pyroclastic flows, rock fragmen

Fire in Chinese nursing home

Thirty eight people died and six others were injured due to a fire at a nursing home in Central China today.  The fire swept through the privately owned Kangleyuan nursing home in Pingdingshan City.  One of the survivors, Zhao Yulan had reported she was rescued from her room that she shared with 1

Chinese strategy document claims focus on expanding military presence

The strategy document highlights four points, the ocean, outer space, nuclear force, and cyber space.  Chinese has been focused on building up its navy, following the launch of an aircraft carrier and funds invested heavily on warships.  China has also exercised claims over islands in the South Ch

Myanmar rescues two migrant boats

Two migrant boats were rescued holding more than 200 people.  Myanmar has faced strong criticism for not aiding those migrant boats before.  Majority of the inhabitants on the boats are Rohingya fleeing persecution in Myanmar and others are Bangladeshi migrants.  The government has promised assis

Chinese social media celeb may face 10 years in jail

Guo Meimei is a high-profile socialite is in jail for running an illegal gambling den.  Guo is known for her wealth and extravagant lifestyle on Sina Weibo, China’s version of twitter.  She was arrested last year, and if found guilty could face up to 10 years in jail.  Upon her arrest last Augu

Convicted Star Salman Khan Confirmed for Dubai Awards Show

Salman Khan is one of the wealthiest Bollywood stars and has appeared in over 80 Hindi films.  Khan was convicted for killing a homeless man in a hit and run case but was bailed pending an appeal.  He has requested leave from the High Court of Bombay to travel to Dubai on May 29th, stated [&hellip

Japan Aquariums Refuse Dolphins from Annual Taiji Hunt

Every year hunters descend in the town of Taiji in the Wakayama Prefecture in Japan.  They are allowed to kill hundreds of dolphins which are mostly used for their meat but a small portion are used for live sales to aquariums all over the globe, stated by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums

North Korea cancels U.N. Chief’s visit

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had a visit planned to an industrial complex but was cancelled by North Korean authorities.  There was no explanation for the last minute cancellation.  The Kaesong Industrial Complex lies north of the Demilitarized Zone that divides the two Koreas.  Over 100 So

Nine dead in India train crash in Uttar Pradesh

18 injured and 9 killed when a tractor pulling a wagon full of people was hit by a train in India, Uttar Pradesh.  This occurred near the town of Bijnor at an unmanned level crossing.  The passengers of the wagon were returning from a Hindu temple.  There are thousands of unmanned crossings on In

Zimbabwe Cricketers in Pakistan for first time in Six years

Zimbabwe’s cricket team is in Pakistan, the first nation to visit the country to play in six year.  Pakistan has not had any top level cricket since Sri Lanka’s team bus was attacked by gunmen in Lahore (2009).  There were six officers, dead.  The matches between Zimbabwe and Pakistan will be

Thai PM Addresses Slavery in the Fishing Industry

Human trafficking and slave labor has been an ongoing issue in Thailand’s fishing industry.  In a CNN interview, Chan-ocha (prime minister of Thailand) stated that his government was in the process of updating legislation to better deal with these issues. Thai labor workers are promised decent wa

Lion Shot After Killing Man and Escaping Zoo

A lion in a Chinese zoo was shot dead after killing a 65 year old keeper and escaping.  The keeper had been cleaning when the lion bit him on his shoulders and neck, dying from his injuries.  The lion was shot dead after being loose in the zoo for more than an hour.  It was […]

Four Killed in Kabul Suicide Car Bomb

Four people, including a British citizen were killed by a Taliban suicide bomber on Sunday in the Afghan capital.  18 others were wounded in the attack near the Hamid Karzai International Airport.  The European Union vehicle was targeted by the bomber with an explosive-laden car.  The Taliban adm

Terror in Kabul hotel by the Taliban

The death toll on an attack at a hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan rose to 14.  Among them were an American citizen, four Indian citizens, a citizen of Italy, and two people working for the British Council.  There was also six other people wounded in the attack but the identity of the victims have not b

US Helicopter Crash near the Chinese Border in Nepal

The helicopter was found this morning but the six marines and two Nepali soldiers were still missing.  Out of the eight missing people three bodies were recovered.  The helicopter wreckage was found 35 miles from Kathmandu, reported by the editor of Nepal Times, Kunda Dixit.  The helicopter was s

Chinese Baby Rescued After Being Buried Alive

Police had found a baby boy buried alive in an unmarked grave in the Guangxi province.  The boy had been reportedly abandoned in the wilderness for as long as 10 days.  His family decided to abandon him due to the fact that he was born with a congenital anomaly.  According to the Xinhua news agen

Myanmar Migrant Boat Denied Entry to Thailand

Myanmar migrants on a boat in the Andaman Sea have been stranded for a week whilst being denied entry to Thailand.  Thousands are said to be stuck on boats off the coasts of Thailand and Malaysia full of Rohingya Muslims who are not recognized as citizens of the country and often persecuted.  The

Bangladeshi blogger hacked to death

Ananti Bijoy Das is one of many Bangladesh bloggers that have been persecuted due to their critical views on Islam.  Das was killed by four masked men hacking him with cleavers and machetes on his way to work.  This wasn’t the first public killing, Washiqur Rahman and Avijit Roy were both killed

Defense Chief of North Korea Executed

North Korea’s Defense Minister Hyon Yong-chol has been publicly executed for showing disloyalty to Kim Jong-un.  Mr. Hyon died on April 30th by anti-aircraft fire in front of hundreds of people.  It’s stated that Hyon fell asleep during an event attended by Kim and did not fulfill his duty. 

Powerful Earthquake Strikes Nepal

Not even three weeks after the earthquake on April 25th, Nepal suffered another earthquake today.  Any obstructed areas were subject to falling debris.  Residents had thought it was another aftershock from the previous earthquake, but this one was far worse. Many people were seeking open spaces to

The Boy Who Criticized Lee Kuan Yew

Following the death of Lee Kuan Yew, the former prime minister of Singapore, Amos Yee was arrested back in March over a youtube video that was titled Lee Kuan Yew is Finally Dead!  Under charges of wounding religious feelings, harassment, and the publication of obscure images on the net, he is to b

NYU Student Detained in North Korea

A South Korean student at New York University has been arrested for entering North Korea illegally from Dandong, China. Joo Won-moon, 21 years old, is a South Korean citizen and a U.S. permanent resident. Mr. Joo is under investigation and it is not certain if he will be sentenced for espionage. Mr.

Beijing Bans Outside BBQ’s

This morning Beijing municipal authorities announced that the city is extending its ban on outdoor barbeques from the center of the city outward to the Beijing suburbs. Beijing has banned restaurants from cooking outdoor barbecues inside the fourth ring road and now it is including suburban district

Salman Khan Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

This morning the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was sentenced to five years in prison for running over several men in Mumbai which led to one death. The hit and run incident took place outside a Mumbai bakery more than 12 years ago, in September 2002. Prosecutors said Khan ran over five sleeping me

Chinese families apart Due to Smartphones

In news that will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who has seen this familiar sight, reports have been released co firm that smartphones are driving Chinese families apart. The article is based on a study conducted by the Chinese magazine Marriage and Family, which attracted thousands of res

Climate Change Affects China Projects

The head of China’s Meteorological Administration held an interview with the Study Times and it released information that showed a relationship between climate change and recent weather disasters such as floods, typhoons, droughts and heatwaves. “Against the backdrop of the global warming, t

China and United States Not On Good Terms

China has and the united States are not on good term after the U.S. government commission announced that Chinese violations of religious freedom were “severe and systematic”. The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom reported that there were violations against Christians, Buddhists

Former Korean Meat Dog Finds Home

A month ago, the Human Society International offered few major dog farmers in South Korea a way out to exit the business. 57 dogs from the farms were transported to the U.S. over three days. Nam Sung-ran who lives in San Francisco Bay Area with her family is one of the families to adopt the [&hellip

Horrific Accident

In sad news two people were killed and three more were injured after a horrific accident occurred in an Amusement park in Pingyang County. The victims were five tourist who were thrown off the ride called “Crazy Scream”. Two of the tourists, one surnamed Chen and the other Zhou, were pronounced

Ban From Auto Show

This year, the Shanghai Auto Show has changed one thing that has left hundreds of beautiful women without a job. The models as of late have been one of the main highlights of the car show. While this created a wealth of opportunity for qualified professional sales representatives and shopping guides

Google and Facebook Helping to Connect Loved Ones and Victims of Nepal Earthquake

During the aftermath of a large-scale natural disaster, victims and their friends and loved ones usually struggle to reconnect with each other. But now with new innovations to technology and social media, methods of communication have evolved. Following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that recently sho

Claudia Kim’s Hollywood Debut

Another Korean actress made her Hollywood film debut in Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” South Korean actress and a former model Claudia Kim, also known as Soo Hyun Kim, plays a scientist Dr. Helen Cho who studies future technology in the Avengers sequel, which was partly set in her home co

Pyongyang vs. Pyeongchang

Can you tell the difference between Pyongyang and Pyeongchang? Well, a cow herder Daniel Olomae Ole Sapit can after mistakenly traveling to the capital of North Korea. Mr. Sapit who is part of Maasai tribe from Kenya, was enrolled to attend a U.N. biodiversity conference in Pyeongchang, South Korea,

Bully For Hire?

It’s funny now in days, there is basically an app for everything. One popular Chinese mobile app is in a middle of a situation after reports have shown solicit services to beating people for a price. Users were able to post ads seeking a person who can fight for them if needed. A Kunming reporter

Freed After 18 Years in a Workshop

This morning the Guangdong Province officials announced that a man from Jiangxi has rescued from a cotton workshop in Qingyuan where he was forced to work for the past 18 years.  Officials received a tipoff from residents about a suspected illegal workshop operating in an apartment and after some i

Asia’s Talent Gap

According to Manpower Group Inc.’s ninth annual talent shortage survey, increasing numbers of employers throughout the world are experiencing difficulty filling jobs. It was reported as 36%, the highest in seven years. To further examine the issue, the human resource-consulting firm interviewed mo

Chasing a Lover to China

It is an understatement for anyone to say that the Internet doesn’t have some sort of control over the world; we are now accustomed to getting everything from the web. For one man, the Internet gave him a reason to travel from Vancouver to Shenzhen, China in efforts to find his online lover.

Stephon Marbury Makes His Stamp Debut

Stephon Marbury who was once an NBA star and MVP candidate for many years has now called the CBA his home. He is beloved  in China, he is immortalized in his city and even has a giant bronze statue named after him. He thought things couldn’t get better for him but he was proven wrong [&hellip

Ties Strengthening Between Continents

Late Tuesday night, delegates from 34 Asian and African countries have all responded well to Indonesia’s proposal to set up a business council to boost economic ties between the two continents. The proposal has represented the ongoing relationship with private companies in Africa and Asia. I

Manhattan Man Arrested and Charged for Hate Crimes

This morning a Manhattan man has been indicted for targeting and taking the purses of Asian women in Bensonhurst and Borough Park. The suspect Manuel Israel, has been charged with 36 counts of robbery and other hate crime charges after he is alleged of robbing five Chinese women because of their rac

Pressure Too High for Students in China

What is considered to be one of the toughest and most stressful times for many high school students in China, the days of the Gaoko exam are quickly approaching. The Gaoko exam is considered the most competitive exam in the country and is key for many students to get into the university of their cho

43 Dinosaur Egg Fossils in Heyuan City

This morning construction workers in Heyuan city, Guangdong discovered 43 dinosaur egg fossils. The fossils were revealed in the ground outside a hotel, the main roads were cleared off once they notices that there were dinosaur eggs. The 43 eggs were jammed into 14 fossils, and 19 of the egg fossils

LA Hosts the 31st Asian Pacific Film Festival

The international film festival, set to open Thursday night in the Aratani Theatre in Little Tokyo, has 32 entries in total this year. Unlike the previous festivals, this year is some what unique. Out of the 32 films, and over whelming 17, are representative of Asian Americans. The strongest showing

Rallies for Officer Liang

Rallies are going to be held in cities across the nation, from Los Angeles to New York to protest what some view as unfair treatment of rookie police officer Peter Liang. He was the officer who shot and killed the unarmed black man Akai Gurley in a housing project in Brooklyn. ”The charges in the

Gordon Hirabayashi, An American Hero

Gordon Hirabayashi is an unsung hero for the Asian American community. Many of you may not have heard of him, but he was fighting for Asian American civil rights since 1942. When WWII was being waged, and Japanese Americans were forced, by Executive Order 9066, to abide by a military curfew, he def

First Anniversary of Sewol Ferry Tragedy

April 16, 2015 marks the first anniversary of South Korea’s Sewol ferry tragedy that killed 304 people. 250 of the victims were Danwon High School students on the way to a trip to Jeju Island. 9 bodies are still missing. The memorial service was held at a port in Jindo Island where the ship sank

The Wuhan Institute of Bioengineering Pays 4 Million Yuan for Great Wall Replica

The Wuhan Institute of Bioengineering has just unveiled that it has paid a whopping 4 million yuan to build a Great Wall replica. The school has never been very popular but they believe that this new piece of art will attract the right attraction. The construction pf the replica is still in progress

Chinese Tycoon Purchases A Island

A Chinese tycoon has just purchased a $7.5 million island in New Zealand. Wendy Weimei Wu is the purchaser of the property which is named Slipper Island. The sale involves about 217 hectares of land on the 224-hectare island, an area that includes six houses, stunning beaches and an airstrip. The is

Boston’s Chinatown Clinging on to Life

One of America’s largest Chinatown’s is at risk of dying out and losing its identity amid real estate development. Boston, MA’s Chinatown, with its iconic gate is facing an unprecedented population spike in the cultural enclave. From the years 2000-2010, the population of white Ame

ISIS Attacks South Korean Embassy in Libya

Early Monday morning, ISIS militants attacked the South Korean embassy in Tripoli, Libya and killed two guards while injuring another. According to the Foreign Ministry the attack took place around 1:30 am, and the gunman shot over 40 shots as they drove by the embassy. A few hours later ISIS to

3 of 5 Female Rights Activists Released in China

Wei Tingting, Wang Man and Zheng Churan were released today, Monday April 13, 2015, after spending one month in Chinese jail. They will remain under police surveillance for one year, and have limited freedom when it comes to travel and activities. Their release comes after the US and many other inte

Asian American Voting Power on the Rise Along with Representation

Ted Lieu, a newly elected Democratic Representative hailing from Torrance, California, is just one sign if Asian America’s uptick in voting power and political representation. Concurrently elected into seats of the government were, John Chiang as state treasurer, Betty Yee to the Board of Equa

Hard Times for Foreigners

China has been an attractive place for foreigners to seek for jobs, as the economy is growing at a fast pace. Unfortunately, it has become more cumbersome for foreigners to work in China due to variety of reasons – new visa policies, more skillful local workers and discouraging atmosphere. In Sept

Joe McPherson, Shows His Seoul

Joe McPherson, an American blogger and food writer, introduced his new book “Seoul Restaurant Expat Guide,” which introduces about 400 restaurants in Korea. Mr. McPherson is known for his website that started in 2004. He started documenting Korean cuisine and the website now became

Feticide Laws Targeting Asian American Women

Purvi Patel, a 33-year-old woman living in South Bend, Indiana, was sentenced to 30 years in prison on April 3rd, this week. The charges were Feticide and neglecting a dependent, which sentences she would serve concurrently, if her appeal falls through. The problem with the Indiana feticide law, and

Human Rights Advocates Due to Killing Loggers

This morning, Human rights advocates in India called for a thorough investigation into the deaths occurring a day earlier, of 20 loggers in a raid, on what the authority say was an illegal operation in the state of Andhra Pradesh to cut and sell endangered red sandalwood trees. Law enforcement say t

Webtoon Startup to Rival Naver

If Japan has manga, Korea has manhwa – comics and print cartoons, read horizontally from left to right. Manhwa is becoming more popular throughout the world with each passing day. For the growing number of manhwa readers, a Santa Clara based Korean entrepreneur Chang Kim created the “YouTube of

Chipscreen China’s New Cancer Drug

After working at Galderma R & D, a subsidiary of L’Oreal and Nestle, Xian Ping Lu moved to China and co-founded Shenzen Chipscreen Biosciences Ltd. in 2001. In January, Shenzen Chipscreen announced the approval of Chidamide (Epidaza), a medication for a rare lymph-node cancer called refractory

1,071 Suspects Apprehended in Guangdong

This morning, the Guangdong police apprehended 1,071 suspects, and froze bank accounts containing 330 million yuan in illegal money. The bust is considered one of the biggest scandal in Chinese history relating to online-lottery. The suspects were gathered between June and December last year and o

Asians Dominating Thomas Jefferson High Admissions

The Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, has long been considered an elite source of public education for residents of Northern Virginia. This year, a total of 2,841 students applied for acceptance to the prestigious facility, and 493 met the high standards set by the admissions

Worlds Oldest Person Dies

Sad news coming out of Japan today, the world’s oldest living person has died from heart failure at the age of 117. Misao Okawa, who was living in a nursing home in Osaka, died in her bed. Osaka is also the city where she was born in, on March 5, 1898. She is survived by […]

The Wealth Gap in Asian America Widens

Stereotypically, Asian Americans are seen to be the most successful racial minority in the US, but the actual financial health of the AAPI community is paints a different picture. The National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community has come out with a new survey, detailing the economic dispa

UNC Using Asian Students and Staff As Props

As Asian-Pacific American Heritage month approaches (May), the students and staff at the University of North Carolina are starting their campaign, exploring Asian American identity. In doing so, many students claim to feel used as a photo op for the university, utilized to portray a certain optic t

China Launches Their Own FDIC

Taking a page out of the U.S. textbook, the Chinese government announced today that they will be launching an insurance program, similar to the United States’ Federal Deposit Rate Insurance Corporation (FDIC), on May 1st that will safeguard bank deposits of up to 500,000 yuan, which equates to jus

Ideal Beauty of the Kim Jung-un Era

South Koreans are known to have an excessive interest in plastic surgery, with a massively increasing number of people going under knife. Turns out, it is also popular among young girls in the Hermit Kingdom to go through the procedures. Because plastic surgery is illegal in North Korea, operations

Growing Demand of South Korean Cosmetics

Until recently, European and Japanese cosmetics were the most popular among Chinese consumers. However, in the past two years, market researcher Nielsen reported that 60 percent of consumers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore have discovered Korean cosmetic brands. 40 percent of those are pla

Tang Ziren, Beijiing Doctor, Saves Woman at Sea World San Diego

Last month in the San Diego, California Sea World theme park, a woman suffered a sudden heart attack and collapsed on Mach 21st. Luckily for her, Dr. Tang Ziren, the supervisor of the ER in the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, was standing just feet away. Tang rushed to her aid and began CPR, continuing

Thai Star Tony Jaa Makes Astronomical Comeback to Star in Furious 7

Tony Jaa crashed into the movie scene with his leading role in the Thai language action blockbuster Ong Bak. He then took the next two years to write, direct and star in the sequel. The process took a huge toll on the action hero, and when he appeared on a TV show in 2008, his […]

The Lakers Made History

Though the Los Angeles Lakers have not had much to cheer about this year, the team has managed to make history twice. The first was when Kobe Bryant, arguable the best player in the last 20 years, surpassed Michael Jordan, arguable the best ever to play basketball in points. Then yesterday, the Lake

China’s Climate Change

During the rapid pace of global climate variations, China faces challenges with climate change, which could have a “huge impact” on the country’s environment and its major infrastructure projects, including Three Gorges Dam. The world’s biggest carbon dioxide emitter, China is reported to ha

Pan In Hot Water

This morning, the Dane County Board Sup. Leland Pan, gave in his keys and card to the city county building. Before giving up the keys, Pan opened the doors to the building that houses Madison Police officers, to more than 100 chanting protesters, after a police shooting. Though the man didn’t have

Taiwan Named Home to the Best Whiskey!

Typically, when you think of whiskey and countries who produce good ones, you think of Scotland or Ireland, but according to the World Whiskey Awards, Taiwan is now the home of the best single malt whiskey in the world. The WWA awarded Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique, produced by the King Car distil

Kunming Attackers Meet Their Fate

This morning, the three men convicted of their connection to the Kumming knife attacks, have been executed in China. Iskandar Ehet, Turgun Tohtunyaz and Hasayn Muhammad were convicted in September for murder and terrorist activities. The attack at Kunming station in March 2014 took the lives of 31

Renowned Korean Restaurant’s Owner to Pay $2.7 Million in Back Wages

The owner of well-respected, 24-hour Korean restaurant, KumGang San, located in Flushing, Queens, has been ordered by a federal judge, Michael H. Dolinger, to pay back $2.67 million in back wages owed to 11 employees. This judgement is following a lawsuit that was initiated by a group of employees b

The Death of Lee Kuan Yew

On Monday, one of the most prominent political leaders, Lee Kuan Yew passed away. Many acknowledged Yew as the founding father of Singapore, and one of the giant politicians of the century. He ruled only a small city-state, but ranks among Asia’s most pivotal figures of the last 50 years. Lee was

Dog Farmers in South Korea to Exit the Business

Along with other countries in Asia and other parts of the world such as Vietnam, China, and Switzerland, South Korea has a long history of consuming dog meat. South Korea currently has thousands of dog farms, raising an array of breeds – beagles, English setters, Nureongi, poodle, Korean Jindo, et

Starbucks Partners with Tingyi to Expand in China’s RTD Market

The ubiquitous premier coffee roaster Starbucks Corp. and Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp., a leading food and beverage distributer, partnered up to expand the production of Starbucks ready-to-drink products in China. Tingyi will be helping Starbucks with manufacturing of the bottled products,

The New Face of Louis Vuitton

Every once in a blue moon, there is a model who comes on the runway who is strikingly different from the rest. For model Fernanda Ly, she is the standout model; the Australian born Chinese background model is now the new face for Louis Vuitton. The 18-year-old Louis Vuitton model made her debut last

Hong Yen Chang Gets His License 125 Years Later

This morning the California Supreme Court Granted a delayed law license to a Chinese immigrant who was stripped from his law license in the state 125 years ago because of his race. Hong Yen Chang was denied his law license in 1890 because “persons of the Mongolian race” were not entitled to citi

Celebrating Asia Week New York

New York City Is full of rare and precious arts from the far east. In fact, yellow banners hang on lampposts uptown on Madison Avenue, and museum worthy paintings are available to view from 42 dealers and numerous private collections and institutions. The festival highlights great Indian art pieces,

New Malaysian Airline to Buy 20 New Jets Worth $1.5 Billion

Following a devastating year for the Malaysian aviation industry, when the world witnessed the loss of three airplanes from the region, the industry has launched a new airline dubbed “Flymojo”. Flymojo will be based out of Johor Bahru in Southern Malaysia, and Kota Kinabalu located in Eastern Ma

Japan’s Miss Universe Representative is Half African American

This year’s Japanese representative is Ariana Miyamoto and she is half African American and Japanese. Though Miyamoto is beautiful, and her African American features stand out against the others she has faced, a lot of race related issues were encountered in her career and during the competition.

Congresswoman Grace Meng Pushes for Lunar New Year Holiday

On March 13th, at New York City’s City Hall, Congresswoman Grace Meng addressed multiple media outlets and Asian-American organizations in an attempt to further pressure NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to proclaim Lunar New Year as a public school holiday. Just days earlier, Mayor De Blasio received a le

Panda-monium in Gansu Province, Man Awarded 500,000 RMB

  When you think of pandas, it is likely that you think about a cute and cuddly animal, not one mauling a human being. Unfortunately for a villager in the Gansu province in China, he experienced the latter. A wild panda had wandered into the local village of Liziba and onto a farmer’s lan

China Trying to Improve It’s Court System

Being blamed for something you didn’t do is always a bad experience, and as you get bigger so do the consequences. For some unfortunate people in China, getting blamed for certain crimes has lead them to be executed. Chinese courts have long been guilty of wrongfully convicting individuals, and to

Britain Unites With China

As of today the United States and Britain are not on good terms, this comes after Britain decided that it is best to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The bank which is backed by China, is an entity America wants to stay away from, the United States have accused Britain of accommodating

A-Town Boyz, A New Documentary Smashing Asian Stereotypes

Director Eunice Lau is now in post production of A-Town Boyz, a documentary featuring the lives of young Asian Americans in Atlanta, Georgia and the obstacles they face in everyday life. Lau spotlights the false stereotype that Asians are the “model minority” and are born into white coll

Chinese Wife and her Husband Awarded over $20,000

This week a couple living in Ireland has been awarded nearly $20,000 in compensation after being arrested due to the allegations the couple was having a sham marriage. When Yanan Sun, from China, and Niel McElwee got married in 2011 and when the couple walked down the aisle at Guildhall in Derry, N

The Ban of Beef in Maharashtra

It has been a day since the beef ban took effect in India’s Maharashtra region, the slaughter houses that were filled with different cuts of beef have now been closed and several restaurants have already updated their menu and have taken off any beef dishes. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are re

China Can Defeat the Smog in 10 Years

China’s cities are known to have a quite serious smog problem. Pollution is at very high levels. According to the deputy of the National People’s Congress, Zhong Nanshan, “Some experts said China might have to spend 30 years to fight the haze, like the lessons of London’s Great S

China’s New Generation Art Collectors

Young Chinese art collectors have been a major influence in the art world. While China’s old generation collected traditional Chinese paintings, the new collectors are focused on acquiring contemporary art. From Europe and New York to China, millennials go art shopping with their parents and spend

Senators Insist House Is The Best Option for Enrile

This morning Senators insisted that the Aquino administration be more sympathetic to Senate minority leader Juan Ponce Enrile, who was rushed to the Makati Medical Center due to pneumonia. Nancy Binay, who is a senator said she is praying for Enrile to have a fast recovery. She has been one of the f

Heartbroken American Teen Nearly Dies From Rejection

Daily Mail UK, published an article this week, featuring an American teen, identified only as Pratt. Pratt, originally from Ohio, fell head over heels in love with a Chinese girl, with the online handle Xiaoqian. After talking for only a few months, Pratt promised to make the 7,000 mile journey to v

One Man’s Sacrifice

This Just in, a husband and father of two, is living in a cave just to save money for his family. Shi Zhiyong is a truck loader at a logistics firm and make around 3,000 yuan per month. When you think of a person living in a dark and narrow place, the perception is that […]

North Korea Lifts Ban

This morning, North Korean officials have announced that it has lifted its ban, and will be allowing tourist to enter the country gain. In October, the country closed down its borders due to the Ebola outbreak. Though North Korea is thousands of miles away from any African country, they were scared

Protests in Myanmar Over New School Bill

In Myanmar, thousands of students are protesting against an education bill. In the student’s view, the new bill will keep them from academic freedom. In the town of Letpadan, the riot police formed a human chain that kept over 300 students from entering the country’s main city of Yangon. Though

India’s Daughter Going to Be Shown No Matter What

Indian authorities are demanding television stations not to broadcast a documentary about a gang rape on a bus in India’s capital of New Delhi in 2012. One of the attackers blames the victim and said that she wouldn’t have died, if she had not fought back. The astonishing thing about the sit

Prince William Visits China

The last time someone in the higher level Royal family visited China, it was Queen Elizabeth more than 25 years ago that has just changed today, when Prince William showed up for a three day tour. The meeting which was very relaxed took place in Beijing’s Great Hall, the Chinese president was grat

Xiaomi Launches Action Cam that Costs $64

Xiaomi, China’s largest and the world’s third largest smartphone maker launched its first action camera to rival GoPro. Currently being sold only in China, the Yi Action Camera’s prices and some of the features beat those of the GoPro Hero. Although the Yi only costs $64, compared to the cheap

Pacquiao Needs Tickets for His Own Fight

Pacquiao vs Mayweather might be the most anticipated fight in boxing history, to many this will be the fight which will bring boxing back on the main stage. This fight has been in the making for over five years but now the contracts have been sign and on May 2nd the two fighters will fight in [&hel

It Pays To Graduate College in Singapore

The idea that “getting a degree leads you to a lot of money” is a concept widely believed all over the world, the term is generally used to those you know who are considering dropping out of college. In Singapore this isn’t just a saying, it’s a fact. This morning the government released r

Decrease of Median Wealth Gap in Asians and Whites

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, the racial wealth gap in Asians and Whites, has decreased significantly since 1989. Asians’ inflation-adjusted median wealth has a 43 percent increase to $91,440 in 2013 from $64,165 in 1989. Hispanics’ median wealth increased 51 percent to $13

The Case We Need To Focus On

In a generation in which the domestic violence rate has gone so high it heartwarming to hear the stories of the survivors. For some the abuse they received during that tragic time was and will be the hardest thing they have to face. For one mother in Sacramento, California something much worse can h

Holy Pig Festival Brings in Views From Both Sides

Tens of thousands of worshippers have flocked to the “holy pig” festival in Taiwan; the festival highlights all things relating to pigs. This annual festival displays pigs that are mainly overfed which upset animal rights activists; to the activists this festival is inhumane. The festival is hel

Lao Teenagers Prohibited From Entering Thailand

Many Young Lao teenagers are now being prohibited from entering Thailand, while the government is seeking ways to tighten Immigration dealings. The prohibition was enforced at the border checkpoint at the first Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge connecting Vietnam and Thailand. Lao teens who are under 28, a

Liverpool FC Extends Presence in Asia-Pacific Region

In light of the Asia Cup and the growing interest from fans in Asia, Liverpool FC, a dominant team in the English Premier League, has announced they will launch online club stores in five Asian territories. The stores will give fans from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand access to

Asian Startups in the “Billionairs Club”

The Billion Dollar club has revealed that of the top 73 companies, 11 percent of those are Asian Startups. China has the most with eight, India also steps in with four, South Korea has two spots with Coupang and Yello Mobile and GrabTaxi comes from Malaysia. All of these companies have been valued a

Is the Next MacGyver Going to be a Woman?

In light of rumors surrounding the revival of the 1980s series MacGyver, creators have looked to fans in efforts to reboot the story. The catch, show would have a female lead. Originally starring Richard Dean Anderson, Lee Zlotoff launched a crowd-funding competition which would create a modern day

First Female Asian American Superhero Revealed!

Have you heard of Cindy Moon? Probably not, but she is the latest crime- fighting superhero to be revealed by marvel comics. Moon, who is fights crime under the name “Silk”, is the first female Asian American to have her own series. It seems as though the comic book world is adapting to the need

Indian Couple Set to Leave Property to Pet Monkey

A couple in India who were disowned by their families due to a disapproving marriage, the couple have decided to leave their property to their pet monkey. The couple Brajesh Srivastava and his wife Shabista said that they were “lonely for many years” so they decided to buy a monkey which they na

New Twist to A New Years Tradition

It is Chinese New Year and for those that aren’t aware, it is a time that we traditionally see the handout of red envelopes known as “Hongbao” – often filled with money, doesn’t seem like a bad celebration right? It seems that this year though, the celebration and giving of these red envel

Park Seo-won’s New Product

The Doosan Group heir Park Seo-won is now selling jam for a great cause. Currently, Park, who is now the Chief Creative Officer of Oricom, has released a series of jams named Ireonjjaembyeong. Park is trying to revive the fruit market which has been on the decline as of late. “Just because they (t

India Will Not Cut Food Program

In good news this morning, India will not cut down its food program which is a multibillion dollar welfare operation that promises ultra-cheap rice and wheat. A conference set by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month insisted that the government lower the number of beneficiaries from 67% to 40%. T

Japan Week Hits NYC

Starting Wednesday February 18 and ending on Friday, Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall will be transformed into a hub featuring highlighting Japan and all it has to offer tourists and visitors alike. Labeled Japan Week, this is the fourth time the event has taken place and gives visitors access to t

China’s Largest Smartphone Company Is Going Global

This morning Xiaomi China’s largest smartphone company announced that it will begin selling headphones and smart wristbands and other products online in the United States in the coming months. Xiaomi is taking its first steps in its efforts to making a name for themselves in the United States with

Plastic Waste Problem in China

Plastic waste is a global problem but Asia, as a continent has the hardest time trying to solve the problem. More than half of the plastic waste that goes through the oceans comes from just five countries, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka ad yes China. According to reports from the Journal

ZTE Investing in China’s Future

This morning Chinese Smartphone maker ZTE Corp announced that it will invest $240 million in wireless charging technology for cars in 2015. George Sun is the director of corporate strategy for ZTE, and he said agreements with more than 20 cities in China to provide the cities with wireless charging

Asian App Developers Lead the Way in Safer Online Dating

In light of the recent trend in online dating, Apps in Asia are looking to distance themselves from the likes of “Tinder” and other apps that create a “creepy” feel. The current apps are offering everything from pre-screened dates to dates that are chaperoned. Peekawoo is an example of this

Malaysian Police Have Arrested A Cartoonist

Malaysian police have arrested a cartoonist for agitation after he spoke negatively about the way the Judiciary system jailed the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. The cartoonist Zulikiflee Anwar Haque posted a few tweets after the verdict was made, he also accused the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib

Asian Athletes Looking to Make Their Mark

As Beijing prepares their bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, the Laureus World Sports Awards, will be held for the first time in Shanghai, China. While successful Asian athletes are on the rise in recent years, the awards and the sporting world is still very much dominated by athletes from the West.

North Korean Defectors are Lagging in Major Categories in South Korea

This afternoon results from a survey from the Korea Hana Foundation were made public, and it does not shed positive light on North Korean defectors. It is to the surprise of no one that North Korean living and South Korean living is completely different. For those who escaped North Korea adjusting t

Seattle Asian American Film Festival Begins Thursday

“To Be Takei” a documentary about Actor George Takei’s life and journey to international stardom will open the Seattle Asian American Film Festival. The Festival is set to be held from Thursday February 12 – Sunday, February 15, 2015, ‘To Be Takei,” was an official selection at the 2014

Child Prodigy Gamer Helps Bring Home $1.2 Million for Team

Fifteen year old Sumail Hassan Syed from Karachi, Pakistan has become an overnight sensation. On Monday, Hassan helped his team Evil Geniuses’ win the Asian Championships for the video game Defense of the Ancient 2 (Dota 2). In terms of e-sports, this is an accomplishment that has put him on the g

Fresh Off The Boat Sets Sail Smoothly

The heavily anticipated ABC sitcom “Fresh Off The Boat” premiered this Wednesday, with back to back episodes. The show, based loosely on the autobiography of the same name, of chef and entrepreneur Eddie Huang, began with a solid start. It scored a 2.5 / 8 on the Nielsen Ratings System and drew

Vietnam Announces a New Hotline

Vietnam announced that they had opened its first hotline to help citizens abroad with issues ranging from lost passports to being victim of human trafficking. At a ceremony for the opening of this new service, Pham Binh Minh, the Deputy Prime Minister stressed the importance of having the right help

Taiwanese Plane Crashes

The fear of flying in Asia has never been more real, in the last year alone there have been over three major aircraft crashes connected to Asian airlines. Wednesday morning the Taiwanese authority launched a rescue operation for survivors of the TransAsia passenger plane that carried 58 people and c

Thailand Issues Arrest of Both Suspected Bombers

This morning arrest warrants were issued for two men suspected of planting and setting off twin pipe bombs near the Siam Paragon mall in busy Bangkok Sunday. With the help of a surveillance cameras and police sketches, certain information was publicized in the hopes of catching the suspects. Accordi

“Fresh of the Boat” – New ABC Show Looks at Life as an Asian-American

Exciting news in terms of bridging the gap between the Asian community and the entertainment industry. A new TV series, “Fresh of the Boat”, looks at Chinese-American, Eddie Huang’s life as he tries to fit in and adapt to society and its values, which clearly place him as an outsider. Somethin

Chinese Government Irate Over Textbooks – What Are Your Thoughts?

China is believed to have one of the best educational systems in the world. Despite this belief, there is an understanding that their education system has strict views of the western world, which limits the amount of education the people receive surrounding the western world. However, recently there

Line Launches “Cheap Sure Sure”

This morning a Japanese based messaging app company Line Corp is launching an online grocery delivery service. This service will go by the name “Cheap Sure Sure” which is the first of its kind in Asia. While it will launch in Thailand, it is planning to build momentum in other South-East

Sri Lanka’s President Appoints a Tamil Judge

This morning Sri Lanka’s president Maithripala Sirisena appointed a Tamil judge as the new Chief of Justice, this is the first time in over 20 years that a member of the minority community has been appointed this position. In the Capital city of Colombo, Judge Kanagasabapathy Sripavan was sworn in

South Korea in Asian Cup Final

Exciting news for Asian nations and soccer lovers around the world. The Asian Cup, which is being held in Australia, is coming to a conclusion, with South Korea playing host nation, Australia in the final this Saturday. The 80,000 seat stadium is almost at capacity, but there is expected to be about

The Death of William Ho Ka Kui

Yesterday morning veteran artist William Ho Ka Kui passed away at the age 66. Kui had become a household name since his villainous role in his first film “Prison On Fire” in the 1980’s led him to fame. In recent years, Kui was commuting between China and Hong Kong for work when he was diagnose

Virtual Stars and Holograms taking K-pop by Storm

Though it has been years since a Hologram performance as big as Tupac at Coachella has been seen, virtual reality and holograms seem to be a new way of for fans to get closer with their idols. Holograms and Virtual reality is taking over Asian countries especially Japan, Miku Hatsune is a virtual id

NBA Paying Tribute to The Chinese New Year

This morning the Golden State Warriors made an announcement that will excite the Asian community and us here at LunarNYC. The Warriors announced that the team will wear a Chinese New Year uniform during the celebration. The NBA has always wanted to build a bridge between countries and the sport, wit

AirAsia Gives Insight Into Crash

Indonesian Transport minister has revealed that the AirAsia plane that crashed last month with 162 people on board climbed at an abnormally fast rate, plunging and then disappearing from radars. The radar data showed that the Airbus A3210 climbed at a high 6,000 feet a minute just before its disappe

Join #theMovement – the Largest Asian Group in the world

As society slowly overcomes prejudice it is important that advocates of cultural unity protect and spread awareness of our nation’s diversity. LunarNYC is a NYC Non Profit aiming to become the Largest Asian Non-Profit organization that brings together Asian cultures and those with interest. The As

LunarNYC on Track to Becoming the Largest Asian nonprofit

LunarNYC is on track to becoming the Largest Asian nonprofit in, not only the country, but throughout the world. Establishing itself as thelargest Asian group in the NYC non-profit circuit, the whispers of this wonderful endeavor have caught traction, and people are listening. By building its founda

LunarNYC – a New Take on Non-Profits

LunarNYC is a unique Asian Non Profit. While other nonprofit organizations target segments of a culture, or subcultures, LunarNYC strives for the unity of Asian cultures. A unity across all the variations of said cultures, from several countries, and for all who simply interested in being a part of

LunarNYC is a Non-Profit Organization with the goals of uniting the love of Asian Culture(s) across the World

NEW YORK, Jan. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The organization known as Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC), launched its first promotional video story called “KeyChain.” Watch, KeyChain: With the launch of LunarNYC, Jiang Yu, Founder of LunarNYC, looks to unite