Is LunarNYC an official NGO (Non-Profit Organization)? Yes Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC) under the Federal Government is an official 501(c)(3).

Are my contributions to Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC) tax deductible? Yes under our 501(c)(3) status, 100% of your contributions are tax deductible.

Does LunarNYC or Lunar N.Y.C stand for Lunar New York City? -No, LunarNYC stands for Lunar New Year Celebration™. Though founded in New York City.

Is Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC) an organization only meant for Asians? -No, LunarNYC is an organization rooted in the Asian culture, our team and staff are made up of different nationalities. LunarNYC welcomes non-Asians and those who love Asian Culture.

Is Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC) alienating itself from the other thousands of Asian interest organizations or non-profits? -No, we are uniting all Asians organizations and those who love Asian culture under one global brand. Thus we want to become a partner and advocate of your organization so we can create countless collaboration efforts. We are mobilizing all those that love Asian culture, unite as one = stronger presence and voice in the world.

Is Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC) an organization meant to solely help Asians only and is LunarNYC planning to help other ethnicities? -No, LunarNYC will establish countless partnerships and joint ventures with non-Asian organizations throughout the world. We plan to help all nationalities throughout the globe.

Is Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC) only based in New York City? -Yes, currently our headquarters are in New York City, however we plan to open offices throughout key strategic regions of the world. But we need all the support we can get! Please help spread the word about us!

Is Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC) planning to make an impact in Asian? -Yes, we plan to market and meet with top Asian officials, whether in the public or private sectors. We want to carry over our global conferences, academics, lectures, forums, special events, concerts, food festivals, pageants, mentoring, and sports programs.

How can I become a member/volunteer/brand ambassador for Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC)? -Please hover  our “Join Us” menu where it will branch out into each particular title.

How can I donate to Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC)? –Please click on the red donate button or visit here on <Our Donation Page>.

How can I help spread the vision/mission/goals of Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC)? –Without rising any money whatsoever for LunarNYC, please hashtag #theMovement #LunarNYC together. Also link our media out to the billions of the people in the world. A quick post to your Social Media Accounts would simple look like this:  is striving to unite the love of Asian Culture. Support the Global #theMovement #LunarNYC 

How did Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC) start? -From a dream. This creates passion, love and a legacy.

Who are the people behind Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC)? -The individuals behind LunarNYC are all from diversed ethnic backgrounds (Dominican Republic, Australia, Poland, Russia, China, Korea, India) that share a common goal to unite all those that love Asian culture under one global brand.

Lunar N.Y.C.

Lunar N.Y.C.