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Your donation will go towards Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC)’s various programs to unite all Asians under one global brand. Here are a few of our 100% unique original concepts and programs:

Sports Programs – LunarNYC Warriors Basketball
Community – Military & Veteran Affairs
Educational Programs – Science Ninjas
Lecture Series – Learn from Leaders
Conferences – New Graduates Guide
Parade – Flagship
Concerts – Recognized & Aspiring Artists
Food Festivals – LunarNYC Foodies
Beauty Pageant – Miss and Mr. LunarNYC

Headquartered in the heart New York City, the Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC) is a non-profit organization that unites individuals who are of Asian descent and those who love Asian Culture. Our primary mission is the development of  Youth through leadership programs. We cultivate these young minds by putting together global conferences, lectures, forums, special events, concerts, food festivals, pageants, mentoring, and sports programs.

The Lunar New Year Celebration™ aims to unite all Asians and those who love the culture around the world under one Global Brand. Our mission once again focuses at empowering Youth ages between 5 years old to 25 years old while promoting Love, Unity, Peace and Prosperity.

Alongside our mission of positive developments for the youth, LunarNYC also aims at become one of the largest Asian awareness organizations in the world. Highlighted by LunarNYC’s flagship event that happens once a year. The world will be watching as we to bring together all individuals and groups whom love and are curious about Asian cultures, heritages and lunar New Year festivities under one roof for a joyous and memorable experience.

Lunar N.Y.C.

Lunar N.Y.C.