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Watch and listen stories about Asian influences in your life or share your own story about being Asian. Listen to people speak about their experiences throughout life and stories about how Asian Influence has touched them or are apart of their lives.

LunarNYC plans to host various events and activities throughout the year. These events will help raise awareness for our mission to empower kids throughout different stages of their lives. Whether in academics or in sports, Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC) looks to create countless partnerships and collaborations throughout the world.

Lunar New Year Celebration™ (LunarNYC) creates 100% unique, creative and original concepts. Our team has spent countless hours creating programs for kids starting at the age of 5 years old. These programs are aimed at creating a high level of education, while guiding each particpant throughout life or until they turn 25 years old. LunarNYC’s programs include academic, sports, forums, lectures and leadership conferences

Help donate as 100% of the proceeds go toward funding LunarNYC's countless educational, sports and leadership conferences. Buy the famous shiny new "KeyChain" or our original logo T-shirt in black or white. Represent your own Asian country by wearing original designs from LunarNYC!

Meet the celebrities, sports athletes, and media individuals who support the mission of LunarNYC. Each Cultural Icon will be an advocate for LunarNYC and help to spread our message on a global scale.

Unite all Asians and those who love the culture under one global brand. Tell all of your friends and family members about LunarNYC's mission and their massive global events. Utilizing all of your social media networks to post our videos or hashtag #theMovement.

Lunar N.Y.C.

Lunar N.Y.C.